Let's keep it simple.......I am a guy of few words so I will make it brief.

My philosophy on business is the same as what my grandfather taught  my father and my father taught me....Do good work, use good material and be honest to yourself and the customer and you shall succeed.


Offering full service motorcycle/dirtbike, ATV/UTV, snowmobile, jetski and scooter parts/repair and specializing in the setup and maintenance of competition harescramble and enduro race bikes.


We are also an AJP, GasGas, Cobra Moto and TMRacing Off-road bike Dealer.


AJP is a Portuguese Off-road trail/competition bike, based on the company motto of 2 Easy 2 Ride.


GasGas is a Spanish company known world wide for their high end trials and competition enduro race bikes.


TMRacing is a hand built Italian race bike known for being extremly powerful and performance oriented.  The craftmanship on these bikes is known for being factory Works bike like quality.